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  • How do I add new products to the Marketplace?

    Adding Products to the Art and Soul Hub Website from Art and Soul Hub on Vimeo.

    • Go to your Dashboard
    • Select Products, Products Listing
    • Click Add Product
    • Choose Product: leave as "Normal Product"
    • Product Name: Your Product Name
    • Product Type: Select from the list. This is the collection the product will go into.
    • Product Description: Enter a description for your product. Blog Post: Creating an effective product description
    • Product Tag: Adding a tag to a product will help it to be found on the website. You can leave this blank or add a tag from the list below:
      • Art
      • Cards
      • Christmas
      • For Baby
      • For Children
      • For Garden
      • For Her
      • For Him
      • For Home
      • Framed
      • Gifts
      • Jewellery
      • Originals
      • Prints
    • Please ask if you require a new tag adding to the list as this needs to be added by Admin.
    • Weight: Set the weight of the item (in Kg) to get the postage rate you would like [see following section].
    • Shipping Details: Ensure the ‘Requires Shipping’ box is ticked for all products added
    • Price: Add Price in the Price box.
    • If you would like to show your product as On Sale you need
      • Price = Sale Price
      • Compare at Price = Original Price
    • SKU: Sellers own Inventory Number (optional but recommended)
    • Track Inventory: Set to "Track This Products Inventory"
    • Quantity: 1 (or more). This will updated when the product sells and the inventory is reduced to 0 and the listing will be shown as ‘Sold Out’.
    • Item location: Either "This item is for sale at Art and Soul Beverley" or “Available to buy online only” must be selected


    Scroll to the top and on the right upload images for your product (optional but needed if you wish to list the product on the website in the future).

    • Recommended dimensions are 1024 x 1024 pixels (square images look best).
    • Recommended size is less than 15mb.
    • Other dimensions and sizes are fine.
    • Collections: Select ‘Homepage’

    ·     Scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes. (Tip: look for the green box to appear at the top right which confirms your changes have been saved)

  • How do I restock or remove an item on my product listing page?

    To put an item back into stock after it has sold out:

    ·         Login to your Seller Dashboard

    ·         Go to the ‘Products’ tab

    ·         Choose ‘Products Listings’

    ·         You will see a list of your products

    Click on the word Quantity at the top of the products table. This will sort your products by quantity (Tip: if it is sorting high to low, just click Quantity again and it will sort from low to high). You should then have all products with 0 quantity at the top of your list.

    ·         Find the product you would like to put back in stock. Click the three dots under the heading Action and select Enable.

    ·         Then, click the three dots again and select Edit.

    ·         In the ‘Variant Details’ box, select ‘Edit Details’.

    ·         Change the quantity to the number you would like and select ‘Save’

    ·         You can then view your product in store to check it is appearing as you would like it.

    Note: When the product quantity is set to zero, a 'sold out' message appears on the website listing. When you restock an item as above the 'sold out' message no longer appears. If however, you do not intend to restock an item (e.g. it may be a 'one off' unique item) the listing should be 'disabled' or 'deleted'.

    To disable a product listing:

    ·       Find the product you would like to disable. Click the three dots under the heading Action and select 'Disable'. The product will then be listed as 'unapproved' and will remove the listing from the website. Note: You can 'enable' the product again if required which will return the listing to 'Approved' and list it back on the website.

    To delete a product listing:


    ·       Find the product you would like to delete. Click the three dots under the heading Action and select 'Delete'. The product will then be deleted' and will be removed from the website. Note: You can't reverse a deletion, you would have to re-list the product by 'adding a new product'.


  • What happens when orders are placed and what do I need to do as a Seller?

    When a customer places an order and pays for your product through our system (either in person in the Beverley store or online via the website) an order placed email is generated through the Multivendor Marketplace.

    If the payment is taken at the Point of Sale (i.e. the till) the ‘fulfillment’ (i.e. product delivered to the customer) happens immediately we our team hands your product to the customer. In this case a fulfillment email to inform the seller that the order has been ‘fulfilled’ is auto-generated from the Multivendor Marketplace to the seller. The Seller does not need to take any action and both the initial order email and the fulfillment email are for information only.


    Orders via the website/online store for Products located in Beverley Store:

    If the payment is taken through the website (i.e. the fulfillment of the item is then dependent on the where the item is physically located i.e. at the Beverley store OR at the sellers location (e.g. home, studio, warehouse etc) which we have termed ‘available online only’ for these products.

    For online orders for items physically located and listed in the Beverley store the Seller will still receive an automated email order from the Multivendor Marketplace to confirm the order has been taken by the system. The order will then be packaged and shipped from Art and Soul Beverley to the customers address. The Art and Soul team will update the status of the order to ‘fulfilled’ in the Multivendor Marketplace once the order has been shipped, again the Seller will received a confirmation email that the order has been ‘fulfilled’. Again, the Seller does not need to take any action and both the initial order email and the fulfillment email are for information only.


    Orders via the website/online store for Products located ‘available Online Only’:

    Online orders for items physically located and listed at the Sellers location will still generate an automated email order from the Multivendor Marketplace to confirm the order has been taken by the system. The order will be ‘unfulfilled’ at this point. The seller will then need to package and ship from their location to the customers address. The Seller will then need to update the status of the order to ‘fulfilled’ in the Multivendor Marketplace once the order has been shipped. The Seller will received a confirmation email that the order has been ‘fulfilled’.

    It is recommended that when any automated order email is received by the Seller that you check within the Multivendor Marketplace the product listing to ensure that you are aware if you need to fulfill (send) the item to the customer yourself. The Art and Soul team will monitor all orders generated and will follow up with sellers to ensure items are being fulfilled from all locations on target.

  • How do I remove products from the website but still have them available to buy in the Beverley store?

    When you add products to the Multivendor Marketplace through your seller login they will be visible (and therefore for sale) on the Point of Sale (POS) system in the Beverley store (i.e. the till) and on the online store (i.e. the website). There may be occasions where you wish to have products available for sale in the Beverley store only and not on the online store. Please email us and let us know any of your listed products that you’d like to be removed from the online listing as ‘Admin’ login is required for this task.  

    Note: We need to have received a signed copy of the ‘Terms and Conditions - Online Store’ from each seller before your products will be made visible for sale through the website.

  • How are postage (shipping) rates calculated & which provider should Sellers use to fulfil orders?

    In Shopify, packaging & postage (or shipping) is set dependent on the item’s weight (including packaging). Shipping rates are what you charge your customer in addition to the cost of the products that they order. The cost of any shipping rates are added to a customer's order at checkout. In the Multivendor marketplace Seller pages you need to set the weight of your item to an amount that provides the correct postage fee. These fees have been set as generic level to allow you to choose the band that best suits you. You are then free to use Royal Mail, Parcelforce or another delivery provider of your choice (see video below for guidance options). Note that the flat rate postage costs in the table below account for shipping the fully packaged product (i.e. product weight plus packaging). The shopping cart in Shopify will calculate the shipping cost to be paid by the customer based on the cumulative 'weight' of the products within the cart.


    Sellers can offer 'free' shipping to the customer by setting the weight of the product to zero (i.e. 0kg) (see 'How do I add Products to the Marketplace' section above). Note: The weight of each product defaults to zero (0kg) for all new product listings and should be changed by the Seller when updating the product listing if you do not want to offer free shipping. The 'free' shipping option is available to allow further flexibility for Sellers to manage their prospective sales and product profit margins. The Seller remains responsible for any shipping costs (packing and postage) for items fulfilled by the Seller when 'free' shipping is set under the product listing. A&S will deduct a 'shipping excess fee' from the gross product listed price if the order needs to be fulfilled (i.e. shipped) by A&S and the product weight has been set to zero (i.e. 0kg) i.e. free shipping.



    UK Shipping

    European Postage

    Worldwide Postage

    0 kg




    0.01 – 0.04 kg




    0.05 – 0.09 kg




    0.10 – 0.19 kg




    0.20 – 0.49 kg




    0.50 – 0.99 kg




    1.00 kg +





    Shopify contains a regional/state variation built into the platform to allow shipping rates to be configured based on region(currently offered in USA/Canada). This would be helpful to our Sellers as UK shipping carriers may give alternative rates for mainland UK, Scottish Highlands, Northern Ireland etc. Unfortunately this is option is not yet available to select in the Shopify UK platform which means we can't yet offer variations on the flat rates in the above table. We will update our standard shipping rates when this option is upgraded in UK Shopify.


  • What are the charges for selling my products?

    There are no listing fees for your products or subscription charges.

    A summary of the standard charges for selling products through the Art & Soul Marketplace (i.e. online store) are listed below:

    • Sales commission of 18% (+VAT when applicable) per product.
    • A single payment processing fee of:
      • 3.75% will be levied on products paid for by credit card by the customer at checkout (for comparison Etsy charges 4% plus 20p) 
      • 5.40% will be levied on products paid for by 'Klarna Installments' at checkout [option provided at checkout to allow the customer to spread the cost of payment over 3 equal interest free installments]
    • A shipping excess fee, calculated as the difference of the actual Shipping cost (package plus delivery) to A&S in order to fulfil an online order minus the postage rate paid by the customer on the same online store order. Note: Shipping Excess fee will only apply if the online order is fulfilled by A&S and the actual shipping (package plus delivery) cost to A&S is greater than the flat rate shipping payment applied within the product listing. The shipping excess fee, if applicable, will be deducted from any payments due to the Seller and will be listed in the Seller sales statement. Where the shipping excess is applied to an order containing multiple products, the fee will be apportioned against each product in the order.

    Note that the standard charges for products sold using the Art & Soul Marketplace (online store) are different from those levied on products sold through our Beverley retail store. Your seller dashboard within the Art & Soul Marketplace site is setup to present commission (fees) based on the online charges listed above. As the Multivendor Marketplace shows all of your listed products (i.e. both for online sales and for those located in the Beverley store (if applicable)) the default setting for the Dashboard is to reflect all sales and apply the online charges to show a 'commission' figure. The live dashboard 'commission' rates view should therefore be used as an indication only to the Seller. A monthly payment statement will be supplied to each Seller which will fully detail charges and payments, this should be used in preference to the indication provided by the live dashboard.

  • I've forgotten my Seller login password or I'd like to change it

    If you would like to reset your password for the Multivendor Marketplace login, please email us with your preferred password and we will change that for you.

  • What does 'the App is currently undergoing maintenance' mean?

    The provider of the Marketplace and Seller logon pages takes the site down for planned maintenance & updates periodically, usually once per month for a few hours. We at Art and Soul have no control over these periods and we'd recommend you don't make any changes to your product listings during the maintenance periods.

    Note: Always click the green 'save' button following any changes you have made to your listings and look for the 'green box' confirmation that your changes have been successful.